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At the Bedford River Festival on July 16th 2006 up to 250,000 people witnessed the worlds first first ever display of continuous Base Jumping this summer. The event was organised and coordinated by the Oxford Stunt Factory and involved 25 of the most experienced skydivers in European BASE Jumping including Max Hurd, Dave Moores, Johan Vervoort, and top stuntman Gary Connery (A Thing Called Love, Captain Corelli's Mandolin).

Over 150 jumps were completed on the day, including several two-way jumps (where two people jump simultaneously) and even one three-way. The jumps were undertaken from the OSF's 'GoldenEye' Jump Station from a 300ft mobile crane kindly provided by leading UK crane company NMT Cranes. BERSA Jump Masters Rob Jonson and Mike Lucas were there to ensure the highest standards of safety were met.

The day was an astounding success, and further corroborates the OSF's 100% safety record for organising the most radical and original stunts first time and without incident.