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Gary Connery jumps from Beachy Head on a BMX bike
Picture courtesy of extremesportsphoto.com

BASE jumping is the sport of parachuting from fixed objects such as bridges and cliffs. BASE is an acronym standing for Building, Aerial, Span, Earth, these being the four objects that must be jumped in order to qualify for a BASE number.

Several OSF members are qualified BASE jumpers but our most experienced exponent is Gary Connery. Gary has previously jumped from the Eiffel Tower, Beachy Head (whilst riding a BMX bike), the inside of the Millennium Dome and from The OSF's bungee jump station, from 160ft - whilst on fire! A world first.

We recently organised the first ever UK BASE festival. Click here for details.

Contrary to popular belief BASE jumping is not illegal in the UK.

If you would like more information about BASE jumping please contact us.

Gary performs the worlds first BASE jump whilst on fire.