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The Oxford Stunt Factory designed and co-ordinated the breathtaking bungee jump seen by millions in the James Bond Film, "GoldenEye".

The jump was performed by stuntman Wayne Michaels. Wayne had worked with members of the Stunt Factory before, when they created the memorable touchdown and pickup of a packet of peanuts performed for a K.P. Nuts advertisement. The sequence took place at the Verzasca hydro-electric dam in Switzerland. This extreme jumps was over 750ft high and was accomplished in the first take.

Drop-weight tests were undertaken beforehand, to allow the six camera positions to plan their shots.

The main problem which presented itself was preventing Wayne from brushing against the dam wall during the jump. Any contact with the wall, studded with steel pegs, combined with the very high speeds achieved during the jump would have surely proved fatal. To prevent this from occurring, Wayne jumped from a specially constructed platform suspended above and in front of the dam.

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Watch the finished sequence
Watch the finished sequence