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What is Street Luging?

Street luging is an inexpensive gravity powered way to experience the speed and thrills of motor racing. The pilot lies on their back, feet first and races down hills at speeds of up to 70mph. Steering is achieved by weight transfer i.e. leaning, and one uses ones bootsoles as brakes! This sounds mad but an experienced street luger can turn and stop quicker than a car at similar speeds.

What makes Street Luging so exciting?

In the words of OSF member and World Street Luge Champion, Pete Eliot:

  1. You are lying just inches from the ground. Ones impression of speed is heightened enourmously.
  2. Unlike single seater race cars, street luging is a very active sport to watch. Spectators can see the riders leaning right off their boards to get round corners, slamming their feet into the tarmac, and screeching to a stop amidst clouds of smoke and the smell of burning rubber.
  3. In a similar way to motorcycle racing, the narrow width of a luge means there are more opportunities to overtake than in motor racing. The ability to use the slip stream of another rider to catch up and overtake them also makes for very close and exciting racing.
  4. Races are short. If you make a mistake in motor racing, you have another 70 laps to make up for it! In street luging there is little room for error. You have to get judge every corner accurately.

How can I try Street Luging?
The Stunt Factory founded SSSprint, the UK governing body for street luge after seeing it whilst competing in the ESPN XGames in Newport USA, in 1995. We offer members of the public the opportunity to get involved and try the sport at our 'Taster Days'. All neccessary equipment is provided, including full racing leathers and your own luge for the day. This is the safest way to try the sport as you will be riding on a private road with no traffic and large run off areas, as well as being taught by some of the best pilots in the UK. If you enjoy the experience the next stage is to come and race in the annual SSSprint British Gravity Championships. Please contact us if you are interested in coming to a taster day or racing in the championships.

How can Street Luging be used for advertising and promotion?
Due to the spectacular nature of Street Luge Racing, it is an ideal vehicle for product promotion via both TV and printed media, as Sony, BMW and Virgin have demonstrated. It also provides excellent extreme sports TV footage. If you have an idea in mind the OSF possesses the knowledge and experience required to turn your concept into reality.

There are also opportunities to sponsor world class pilots at the highest level of competition (Red Bull DHX, XGames, Gravity Games etc). These events present an opportunity to place your brand in front of global television audiences at a very low cost.