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The Oxford Stunt Factory has helped to create many memorable images and sequences.

Previous clients include The BBC, Eon Productions, News International and Sony Europe.
This page shows a selection of stunts from our archives, chosen to represent a variety of our skills.

As well as the stunts featured below we have recently:

  1. Filmed two bungee stunts for the BBC. A Thing Called Love and Eyes Down.
  2. Engineered a 180ft bungee jump into a 'napalm' fireball for Loaded Magazine.
  3. Taken part in a successful attempt at the 'World Mass Firebreathing' record for Granada TV's Guinness World Records 50th Anniversary Show.
  4. Given Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards a taste of Street Luging for the BBC series 'Inside


More Information

Stunt: Opening sequence of GoldenEye -
World record 700ft bungee down dam
Client: Eon Productions
Stuntman: Wayne Michaels
OSF Stunt Team: Ding Boston, Dr Tim Fell, Dr Ulrich Stange
Director: Ian Sharp
Michael Wilson & Barbara Broccoli

Stunt: 180ft bungee to pick up a single envelope
Client: News International (The Sun, Davina McCalls '£1Million pickup')
Stunt Coordinator: Ding Boston
Production Company: Hutchins Film Co.
Director: Morgan Hutchins
Producer: Alex Heathcote
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Stunt: Gekkomat free climbing device
Client: BBC (Tomorrows World)
Stuntman: Dan Max
Director: Jackie Higgins

Stunt: Street luge down Corsican mountain
Client: Sony (Go Create )
Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi
Stuntman: Ding Boston
Stunt Cordinator: Ding Boston
Director: Bill Gallacher
Photographer: Philip Lee Harvey
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Stunt: 450 foot bungee jump from sea cliff
Client: BBC (Dawn French comedy 'Wild West')
Stunt Coordinator: Wayne Michaels
Director: Jonathan Gershfield
Paul Schlesinger


Stunt: OSF Bungee Display Team
Client: Various events, including Rugby World Cup at Twickenham, Glastonbury and International James Bond Exhibition.