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The Oxford Stunt Factory is renowned for its professional services to the film and TV industry and event organisers, in the design, development, co-ordination and performance of stunts - particularly those involving extreme sports - including bungee jumping, street luging, BASE jumping, firebreathing and skydiving.

However, the Stunt Factory was founded as the alternative sports club for students at Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities, and this still forms an important part of its activities. The interests of the Team are as varied as its eclectic members, and their collective skills, and academic qualifications add to the OSF's overall capability. They include scuba diving, bridge swinging, paragliding, abseiling, land yachting, rallying, and rock climbing - to name only a few.

We are always looking to push the envelope. If you don't immediately see what you want, the team's experience, ability, extensive contacts, and - above all - enthusiasm is at your disposal.

If you have a vision that you need to realise, please contact us